Thứ Tư, 5 tháng 8, 2009

Where Were You?

Where Were You?
Vanh Khuyen

To you, Sir
If you still look for yours
Hope you find her soon and
Happiness will come.
You have my best.
Thanks so much for your caring and listening.

Where were you nineteen years ago?
If you saw me, I was just a long lost soul
Poor thought, no love, poor life
You never wanted to find

I talked with hands
Laughs and cries, naturally in my own mind
I used to hide
Always sighed
No feelings like ghost wandering around

The smile I found at yours one morning
Waked me up gradually
I saw life in life
If I cried, I thought I smiled
Your kindness days by days warned me
Of real things in life.

I loved you from that moment on
No judging of sufferings in the past
Just let chances to get to know you
While sorrows in my life never stopped.

You and me, me and you
Met at one place
Kindness in our hearts
Sharing our common thoughts
We laughed together
Didn’t cry the same time, fortunately.

If one day I were in your arms
Wished I could tell you
I knew you were mine
Wherever you were
My only soulmate I wanted to find.

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